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Antique Quilts for Sale

These are all quilts that I bought because they fit into the lectures I was doing, or I wanted to repair them, or maybe they came as part of a group.  In any case, it's time for them to find a new home.  NONE of them are perfect. (Okay, maybe one or two snuck in there.)  I like quilts with some damage because I feel you can learn more about the fabrics and construction.  Plus I like having quilts that I don't have be anxious about when students handle them.  I hope that you can find the special quilt that will make you happy, too:-))

All measurements are approximate.  The pictures are all thumbnails.  Click on them to see them close up.  Be sure to do that - I tried to take pictures of the worst area of the quilt so you would know what you were getting. Contact krisdriessen@yahoo.com with any questions.

PLEASE BE AWARE that shipping is only an estimate. After we get your order, we will pack it, weigh it, and check rates with three different companies.  We will send it the least expensive and safest way possible.  Yes, we will send by parcel post if you really, really want us to but understand we can't guarantee arrival.